Welcome to the submission portal for The Rialto Poetry Magazine.
Welcome to The Rialto.  We are always looking for new poets and new poems.

You are very welcome to send your poems to be considered for publication.  Please send no more than six at a time.  Poems should not have been published anywhere, in print or online. 

For the time being you may send in poems via Submittable at any time, but once you’ve sent, please leave three months before sending again.  Depending on how things go, we may introduce submission windows for each issue. 

Please put your poems into one Word document, RTF or PDF file.

The file name should include your name.  Start each poem on a new page, and put your name and email address on each page (in case we want to print a poem out).  You must include your postal address, phone number and email address with your Submittable submission, you may also include these in your cover letter.

It is a good idea to read The Rialto before sending any of your work and we’d be delighted if you’d subscribe.  http://www.therialto.co.uk/pages/

Any articles and reviews will be commissioned.

Thank you for sending us your poems.